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Ratings Game Music - Review

Check out a new review for Bitch Alice Is Back!

MATD & Nida make Alice sound so edgy!

MATD is a pop duo that makes music that is based on famous fairy tales. In the past, they’ve made songs that are influenced by Cinderella, Tom Of Finland, and more. “Bitch Alive Is Back,” their latest single, is a hit that is centered around Alice In Wonderland.

“Bitch Alice Is Back” is powered by a rock instrumental that is action-packed, exhilarating, and hard-hitting. Over it, featured guest Nida gifts us with a vocal performance that is as hypnotizing as it gets. She also gifts us with lyrics that will remind you that Alice didn’t only hang out with animals, but she also knew how to throwback shots, boogie, and intimidate folks.

I love how “Bitch Alice Is Back” forces you to think outside of the box.

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