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Press info - Who The Fuck is Alice - MATD feat Hana Muftic

Radio and press info May 2020 Who The Fuck is Alice – MATD feat Hana Muftic

Who The Fuck Is Alice – Story This song is based on story Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. Song is dedicated to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Original story is a little bit twisted and MATD wanted reach this feeling. Lyrics also has hidden meanings where you can find many levels connecting to the fairy tale.

History: MATD is a pop duo. Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen ended their former band and decided to have a fresh start. The first MATD release will be together with outstanding singer from USA Hana Muftic. Hana Muftic was born in Croatia but spent her childhood in South-Africa and ended up in Los Angeles USA. She is also the singer of the band Asila. Veli and Marcos were looking for a voice to fit the Alice in Wonderland story. Hana Muftics YouTube (Asila – Paranormal) video made a strong impression on them. Veli and Marcos contacted Hana, and they have since enjoyed working together. Marcos Kuusjärvi was born in Brazil, but lived most of his life in Finland. Veli Eronen was born in Finland. Today both are living in Spain. They have been in a band and writing music together since 2009. Nine of their songs have reached the official Finnish download chart 2012-2017.

Who The Fuck Is Alice MATD feat Hana Muftic 03:45 Musicians: Marcos Kuusjärvi, Veli Eronen, Freddy Parra. Lead vocals: Hana Muftic Music: Marcos Kuusjärvi, Veli Eronen Lyrics: Marcos Kuusjärvi Released by Max Duck Records Oy Genre: Pop Katalog number: MATD0520 Official release date: 15.05.2020 Cover art by: Annas Graphics IRSC-code: FIMXD2000002 Recorded: Torremolinos Spain, Bogota Colombia and Los Angeles USA

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