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Karjalan Niityt new song release

November 6th 2020 a new release "Karjalan Niityt" will see a daylight.

It´s made in Finnish language. It is dedicated to those who fought and died for freedom of Finland. Finnish independence day is celebrated December 6th!

This is a story also dedicated to mothers of Marcos and Veli. They had to leave their homes when Russia attacked to Finland. All families had to escape and leave their homes and everything behind!

Mother of Marcos asked to make a song of Karelia (Finnish Karjala).

So we did. This is dedicated for their war memories. (Leila Paavola and Irja Eronen)

The most important thing is. We will respect those who gave their lives for fighting for freedom!

Video includes photos from the war. We got permission "SA-Kuva Arkisto" to use these to tell story of war.

We hope they are not forgotten!

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