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Great review from UK!

Check out great review for Driftwood of Love from UK "Nordic Music Central"!

“This song is dedicated to those who never took their chances and gripped someone they were in love with! Life is short and we flow in the big sea of love. Sometimes we remember the time when we should have taken a step and done something, be honest and fulfill our book of love!”

Hm. Most of the gripping I’ve done was accompanied by a slap around my chops but I see where they are coming from.

When I read the lyrics, which go with the video below, which is entitled ‘Grip the driftwood of love’ I thought I was reading a transcript of the Desiderata for Lovers.

They are very poetic and read well as a standalone piece:

‘Driftwood of Love’/Do you ever think you could die for love?/To give what it takes.

Fall in my arms/Have you ever rowed on a stormy sea/Without the oars.

Hard it´s gotta be.

Words you say/But hold your tears!/Faith is full of hopes and fears…”

This song is a step up from ‘Me and my dog’ both lyrically and musically.

There is quite a complex arrangement to it, and a strong melody.

It seems also to be a vehicle to introduce Johanna to an audience that might not be familiar with her.

Coming from a country I tend to associate mainly with metal, hard rock and off the wall alt-pop individualism it could be a surprise release from a British band like, say, The Beautiful South.

The video blindsided me, I have to admit. It could be an outtake from Game of Thrones and apart from the kiss to the dying warrior I found it difficult to reconcile it with the drift of the lyrics.

It’s doing very well in the Finnish charts by all accounts, and on some UK and Brazilian radio stations. Give it a listen, or better still watch the video and it won’t take you long to see why.

Read the story HERE!

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