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MATD – ‘Me and My Dog’

  • April 08, 2023

An intriguing musical duo who makes their mark by working with artists from all across the globe, MATD are back with a single all about man's best friend. The project of Veli Eronen and Marcos Kuusjärvi, MATD began life in 2013 as Max and The Ducks, taking on the Finnish download chard with nine original songs before shortening their name in 2020 to the more artistic MATD.

Living in Vantaa, Finland, but with a reach that extends to all four corners of the globe, Veli and Marcos have recently shared their special ode to man’s best friend, delivering a comforting pop-rock anthem and video that will leave your heart full and your foot tapping. Recorded across the USA, UK, South Africa, Finland, and Venezuela, the new single was written and performed by Veli and Marcos, alongside a string of talented guest musicians such as Tom Bedlam, Julian Young, Warren van Wyk, and Fred Parra.

Speaking about the new single and video, the band have said, “All those lovely dogs make our day, keep comfort, make us happy, their loyalty is something you should also deserve. Next time you go out. Forget your telephone and take a walk with your best friend! She or he will be with you… let it be both ways! We all can also support animal shelters and help our animal friends. Take your step and join to help! MATD wish everyone whose dog is their best friend make their own video. You and your dog. Show your friendship with your dog.”

Available now on most major streaming services, and with the video streaming now on YouTube, ‘Me and My Dog’ is a heart-warming release that you can enjoy time and time again. Stream the new video now and be sure to show your dog some love.

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