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Bitch Alice Is Back -

Bitch Alice Is Back – Story

This song is based on Alice in Wonderland story “Through the Looking Glass” written by Lewis Carroll and movie by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Alice returns to wonderland and spoils all the fun. “Red Queen” (Helena Bonham Carter) can´t get her will and become Queen of wonderland. We can´t forget “Cheshire Cat” who helps Alice to spoil everything.

It´s time to take action ride back to wonderland with rock´n roll attitude.

This fairytale also has some edgy meanings based on “Lion and Unicorn” battle. These are symbols of England and Scotland.

Will there be a wonderland through Brexit? Or is it exit for Scotland? Another fight more?

“The lion and the unicorn. Were fighting for the crown. The lion beat the unicorn. All around the town.”

Not just a rock song! World is going backwards… All we need is jam and six pence a week.

Bitch Alice Is Back – A plot explained

A plot: Is Brexit an exit to the wonderland?

Is wonderland same as it used to be?

Sit down, eat your popcorn. This is beyond Shakespeare!


Alice is Queen of England

Tweedledee is EU

Tweedledum is USA

Hatter is Joe Biden

(Tim) Burton is Angela Merkel

Humpty Dumbty is Boris Johnson

Absolem is representing scientists ” Wear a mask”!

Lion is England

Unicorn is Scotland

Snowdrop is Donald Trump

Where is Cheshire Cat - A smile but no cat? A hamburger but no steak?

Chromosphere explained. Trust is needed. Find your way to wonderland.

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