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New release will be out 13th October 2023!
MATD Feat. Johanna - Driftwood of Love!
Do you think you could die for love?

Check out video song review "Me And My Dog" from New Zealand by Spiderhand. Below! Thanks great review!

Me And My Dog was number 1 Finnish Unofficial Top 40 28.5.2023 
Me And My Dog is number 33 this week!
French Kiss is number 34! September 25th!

MATD - Me And My Dog was two weeks number one and two weeks number 2 on UK Top 100 Chart!

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MATD saw daylight April 11th 2020. Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen ended their previous band

Max and the Ducks. It was time to change. A new era begins with guest artists.

The first featuring artist was Hana Muftic/Nida from Los Angles USA.

The first release is based on Alice in Wonderland story. 


Who The Fuck Is Alice - May 2020.

Second song was released August 21st 2020! Alice will return to wonderland and she spoils all the fun!

Time to rock with "Bitch Alice Is Back"!

September 09th was released orchestral instrumental song "Highland".

A very rare and special song was released on October 2020!

The first and perhaps the only song in Finnish with an amazing Finnish singer Anna-Kaisa. Karjalan Niityt. This song is dedicated parents of Marcos and Veli! Their mothers had to escape Soviet Union attack to Finland when they were very young. This is for their memories of war in Finland!


Due to tragic reasons of Marcos and Veli families there was only one release 2021. "SINS" November 5th 2021.


"Dreamin of Thee was released March 18th 2022. Members of the band had a really hard year. This one is dedicated to those loved ones who are gone. Madness of Russia and Corona made world come to an edge!


Finally a long waited song "Me And My Dog" was released March 31st 2023. This song is dedicated all dog lovers all over the world. Guest musicians are from UK, USA, South-Africa, Venezuela and Finland.

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